Above the Clouds – Genting Highlands, Malaysia

View from The Chin Swee Caves temple

About six hours bus ride from Singapore and just a few hours ride from Kuala Lumpur is Southeast Asia’s famous Resort World Genting. Located 6000 feet above sea level, the mist covered mountains, cold breeze, and the inviting weather add up as a great getaway from the humid and hot weather of the city.

Although the new Fox studios theme park renovation was still in progress when I visited, Genting highlands still has lot more to offer.

Genting Highlands is the only place in Malaysia with legal Casino, people from various places around Malaysia visit Genting mostly for gambling.

The Genting Premium outlet is another key attraction in Genting it’s a Southeast Asia’s second Premium Outlet Center and the world’s first hilltop Premium Outlet Center. Featuring around 150 designers its a heaven for all the shopaholics.

Genting Highlands: credits: Kuala-lumpur.ws

If you‘re interested, there are live performances by the world famous local and international stars lined up just check for the dates and pre-book your tickets.

If you’re bored with all the lights and mall you can always get outside and enjoy the prestigious mountains and breathtaking views. The one option to get outside is the cable cars, these Cable Cars fly over key attractions at the resortgiving passengers a bird’s eye view of the surroundings.

When I got to know there is a direct bus from Singapore to Genting, it ended up to be a 2-day trip instead of a half day visit as previously planned.

After exploring Singapore for 5 days long I started towards Malaysia, I was pretty excited. It was an overnight journey from Singapore to Genting. I highly suggest you carry a jacket because the AC in the bus will be literally freezing.  The bus from Singapore directly drops you at the First world hotel entrance. If you’re taking the bus from KL you may have to get down at the Avana sky avenue and take a gondola(Cable Car) to reach the peak.

stayed at First World hotel one of the budget hotels in Genting Highlands- (you can read a full review here.), other options include Maxims, Genting Grand Hotel, Theme Park Hotel, Resort Hotel.

First World holds the Guinness Book Of Records for the Largest Hotel in the World, with over 7,300 rooms!

A Cable car ride to Avana Sky Avenue

On the first day after resting for sometime, I decided to take a cable car ride and visit the Chin Swee Temple and Awana Skyway.

The Chin Swee Caves temples are another key attraction in Genting Resorts. The temple is strategically located and easily accessible either by the Awana SkyWay or road. You can take a cable car from Awana SkyWay for a scenic ride to the temple.

View of Chin Swee temple from Cable Car
Chin Swee temple

With the iconic nine-story pagoda, the Sky Terrace, and the 15-meter high statue of Buddha Chin Swee Cave temple was one of my favorites places to visit in Genting Highlands. This is the place you would want to go to get out of those never-ending interconnected buildings or when you get bored of the malls and enjoy some nature with a spectacular view of mountains with clouds floating around. In a misty/foggy day, it indeed looks like the entire temple is floating above the clouds.

spent a few hours at the Chin Swee temples and took the cable car to reach down the Avana Sky Avenue this is where the Genting Premium outlets are situated. Genting Highlands Premium Outlet has a food court as well as a wide range of standalone restaurants and cafes.

Genting Premium outlets

took a cable car back to the peak and spent the evening in the Sky Avenue mall.

With more than 100 outlets Sky Avenue, the new lifestyle mall is a shoppers haven. You can get everything ranging from your everyday needs to exquisite jewelry, timepieces, shoes, and gadgets. 

All these malls are interconnected with the hotels, just follow the directions.

SkyAvenue lifestyle mall

The SkySymphony show is one of its kinds, spellbinding stories told through a dynamic transformation of 1,001 winch balls suspended from a ceiling. SkySymphony is free to the public you can witness it at level-1 of Skey Avenue mall.

There are extensive dining options within Genting resorts to satisfy all your food desires. From local favorites to the continent, you can find everything here including the renowned Burger & Lobster London, you can find a long line outside this restaurant.

There are few theme parks inside SkyAvenue mall like the JURASSIC RESEARCH CENTER,4D TRICK ART MUSEUM, ZOMBIE OUTBREAK etc. mostly for the kids. The VOID, SnowworldGenting Bowl are few other theme parks in Genting which you must visit. If you are into video games don’t miss the Video Games Park.

Next day morning I checked out of the hotel early as I had plans to explore Batu caves on the way to KL where I would be spending my next 3 days.

Have you visited Genting Highlands? let me know in the comments below.


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