In Photos: Houses of Chettinad

You must have seen this beautiful palace in some of the south Indian movies mostly in Tamil movies. The Famous Chettinad Palace, this palace belongs to Chettinad Cement fame Ramaswamy family, Since its a private property it’s not open for visitors, You can get special permissions if you really like to see what it looks like inside.

This Palace is actually two different houses, the other entrance which you can see is a different house which I visited.

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Main entrance of the Palace

Most of the Chettinad houses follow the same architecture inside, A big Varahandas where direct sunlight can fall in and both sides include many rooms few used as storerooms.

Side view of Chettinad Palace.

Beautifully designed Main entrance of Chettinad Palace.

Courtyard of Athangudi Palace

The Chettinad houses had a minimum of 50 rooms

The main Entrance of Athangudi palace


Living room, tastefully decorated with Ravi Verma painting and antiques. Dining room with Burga teak furniture and the rooms on the side were used storerooms.

These Mansions are really expensive to maintain, In order to minimize the expenses, few families would prefer just to pain in the front leaving the mansions a rustic look.

These mansions are so enormous, their entrances are on one street and exits on a parallel street.

When you walk around this village Kanadukathan, all you see is these enormous mansions one beautiful than the other which kind of add a heritage look to the whole village.

Another view of Chettinad Palace.


Most of the houses are tiled using the handmade tiles which are famous in this region which adds a richness to the house.


The CVRM house also called as Heritage House/Museum is open for visitors, The Varandha is so grand with the swings on both the antique furniture and the ceiling entirely carved with Burma Teak, over 50 feet long.

The main entrance of these Mansions includes goddess sculptures adding cultural values to the Mansions most of which are seen broken today



Chettinad not only famous for its mansions it’s also famous for its cuisine, the Kitchen utensils used are all collectibles today valued for their design, large size and vintage make.


Most Chettiar families moved to cities leaving the houses in the hands of caretakers. Few mansions are converted into heritage hotels, The Bangala, Visalam, Chettinad Mansion are few among them. The saddest part was to see few houses left out to ruin.

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