Kodaikanal: What to Skip and What not to Skip

When you visit Kodaikanal even before entering the main city you will come across a dozen of people offering you different sightseeing packages and trips will a big list of places to visit, Is all these places worth the visit or are they just made up to add up to packages? Here I have listed all the places that you will possibly see in the packages offered and whether its worth a visit, so that next time when you’re in Kodaikanal you can skip the places not worth a visit and make time for must visit places.

Please note, the prices mentioned here are as per March 2018.

TOUR NO.1 – By Car 1200rs/-

    • Coaker’s Walk
    • La Saleth Chruch
    • 500 Years Old Tree
    • Green Valley View
    • Golf Course
    • Pillar Rocks
    • Bear Shola Falls
    • Shopping Place
    • Bryant Park
    • Kodai Lake Drop

Coaker’s walk, La Salethe Chruch, Pillar Rocks, Kodai Lake are the only places worth a visit from above list, Bryan park is also good which can be visited along with Coaker’s walk they are close by.

The 500 years old tree is a total disappointment, the tree has become home for leeches and thus you can just see it from far away, you can totally skip this place.

When we were about to reach Bear Shola Falls I actually thought its a drainage, if it’s not a monsoon season then none of the waterfalls are worth a visit, the shopping place is just a few shops near the falls and you can do all your shopping near the Anna Salai roads(the bus stop road).

Coaker’s walk and Lake were a walkable distance from our hotel (Hotel Sunrise view).  If you notice in every package mentioned here you will see Kodai lake, Kodai lake is a must visit place you don’t want to miss the place from where “Kodaikanal” gets its name from. You can go boating, and even try cycling around the lake,  it will take you an hour or so.

Coaker’s walk is a walkway on the edge of the mountain the view from here is good, if you’re staying any place near to Coaker’s walk then it’s beautiful to visit in the evening or early morning you can walk by the steep or just sit there and enjoy the view.
La Saleth Chruch is the only church we visited in our trip, I wouldn’t say its a must visit, it’s a nice place to pay a visit.

La Saleth Chruch

Bryant Park
Coaker’s walk

View from Coaker’s walk
Pillar Rocks

PARK TOUR – By Car 800rs/-

  • Jain Temple
  • Palani View
  • Kurunji Andavar Temple
  • Kodai City View
  • Chettiar Park
  • Kodai Lake (or) City Drop

This was the only package we excluded from our overall packages, among the above list Kurunj Andavar temple is worth a visit.


  • Fairy Falls
  • Vattakkanal Falls -1
  • Vattakkanal Falls -2
  • Lion Cave
  • Mountain Beauty
  • Dolphin’s Nose
  • Echo Rock
  • Lake (or) City Drop

When we decided our next trip as Kodaikanal, Dolphin’s Nose was one of the must visit place for me. I had told my friends what so ever we have to go to Dolphin nose.

From the above list Dolphin Nose, Echo rock, Mountain beauty are the only places worth the visit, it’s a small trek to dolphin nose and en route you will visit mountain beauty and the last point is Echo rock.

Mountain beauty
Dolphin’s Nose
Echo Rock

Fairy Falls, Vattakkanal Falls -1 and Vattakkanal Falls 2 is actually a single waterfall which flows into two different steps, and each step is named as one falls, as I mentioned before if it’s not a monsoon season then these waterfalls are not worth the visit.

Fairy Falls
Vattakkanal Falls -1
Vattakkanal Falls -1 and Vattakkanal Falls -2

Lion Cave: they shouldn’t be calling it a cave, trust me it’s not a cave it’s just a stone bend it’s near the Vattakkanl Falls-2.

VIP FOREST TOUR – By Car 2800rs/-

  • Pine Forest
  • Upper Lake View
  • Moier Point
  • Vaigai Dam View
  • Pambar falls
  • Valley View
  • Lake (or) City Drop

Pine forest and Moier Point are worth the visit, Moier point is more like a viewpoint again, and pine forest is pretty good.

Pine Forest

FOREST TOUR – By Car 2800rs /-

  • Silent Valley View
  • Fire Tower
  • Cap’s Fly Valley
  • Berijan Lake View
  • Mathikettan Forest View
  • Berijam Lake
  • Lake (or) City Drop

Every place listed here are worth a visit, I would say its a must visit places in Kodaikanal, you can just skip all other places and just visit these instead it’s all worth it. The travel agents need to get a permission to enter the forest, so this tour will mostly be on your second day of the trip.

Silent Valley View

Silent valley viewpoint is the first one to visit from the forest trip, the view from here is so beautiful you can stay here all day and just enjoy the view, It feels like you’re floating on the clouds when you see those clouds passing throw the mountains.

Caps FLy View

Caps fly view is another viewpoint where you can throw a cap or a leave and it comes back to you, you cannot find any cap sellers here so we tried with leaves and it did come back to us, testing a basic Bernoulli Principle.

Berijan Lake

Berijan lake is deep inside the forest, this place is so serene and peaceful covered with beautiful lush green landscapes and pine trees.

Be aware of the leeches if you’re trying to enter the grass field from above pic, I was attacked by one 🙁 it’s not something you want to experience.

Mathikettan Forest View

We also visited Guna caves as part of forest package the famous Tamil movie “Guna” was shot in this cave. The caves are closed now for security reasons, you can just see from outside.

There are no food or drinking water options once you enter the forest, there is no restroom option as well so be prepared.you can buy some water and snacks near the Moier point that’s near the forest entrance if you’re carrying any plastic make sure not to throw any in the forest, Be a responsible traveler.

Restroom option is available near the Guna caves. Be aware that there are very less public restroom options.

We paid 4400rs inclusive of all the packages mentioned here except the “Park tour” and few places in “VIP Forest package”. You can also customize your package with the places you would like to visit.

Have you visited Kodaikanal ? which place was worth a visit for you? Comment below.

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