Ship Shaped church by the Seashore – Uvari

Second day in Kanyakumari, early morning around 5.30 am we woke up to the sound of someone knocking at our hotel room shouting “Its time for sunrise wake up”.  Freshened up and headed towards sunrise viewpoint, As we reached we came across a huge crowd near the viewpoint eagerly waiting to see the sunrise. The sun was slowly rising over the distant of Vivekananda memorial starting to color the sky in all shades of red. As the most awaited moment finally approached people started to cheer in excitement as they saw the first glimpse of day’s light.

After witnessing the mesmerizing sunrise we checked out of hotel and started our journey towards UVARI.


Uvari was suggested to my friend by one of her colleague as a must visit place and that’s how it got added to our Kanyakumari-Rameshwaram-Madhurai trip. Uvari is fishing village situated at shore of Bay of Bengal at Tirunelveli district. Uvari is a famous religious place which holds the St.Anthonys church, this is the only Anthonys church by the seashore, it also hosts famous St.Anthony festival every year where thousands of people gather to celebrate.

St Anthonys Church during festival

One of our main reason to visit thishidden gem is a Kappal Matha church, a church build in ship shape. Its believed that there was bright light surrounding this Selvamatha statue even though nobody lit a candle. Many people of Uvari witnessed this light which was there for over an hour. This incident occurred on 18th September which is celebrated as a festival. The Kappal Matha church was constructed when the old Selvamatha church was destroyed by sea erosion. the church was named after its design.

To reach Uvari we took a bus to Vadachery from Kanyakumari and from Vadachery we took a Thuthukudi bus and got down at Uvari.

The drive from Vadachery to Thuthuukudi on a coastal lane is beautiful experience by itself, the unmanageable wind which tries to hit you hard through the bus window and the ocean which is visible intermittently looks as if it’s playing a peek a boo with you.

The locals directed us to Kappal Matha church from Uvari bus stop. Once you reach you can see a  beautiful church by the seashore, the ship-shaped church looks as if it’s sailing on the sea. As we entered the church we saw few people hanging out, kids playing around and few people saying their prayers.

The church is not covered with walls so when you’re inside the church you can see the beautiful sea and hear the sound of waves. we placed our backpack at one corner and sat there admiring the church. After a while, both of my friends decided to go around the seashore as I sat there with my novel watching the beautiful blue water and listening to the calming sound of waves.

After spending an hour or two at the church we came to the Uvari bus stop just to know that the next Thuthukudi bus is only at 6.30 pm, having no other option we spend our entire afternoon in the bus stop. We were en route to Rameshwaram from Thuthukudi, we reached Rameshwaram next day around 12.30 am.

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Good to Know:

  • There is no hotel or restaurant in Uvari, there is small mess near the bus stop which server fish meals.
  • Restroom option is available at Kapal Matha church.
  • Make sure to inquire about the buses timings before reaching Uvari.

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