Hampi: City of Ruins

Hampi is one of the places which is on every traveler’s bucket list. Hampi a UNESCO world heritage site, the capital city of Vijayanagara empire, full of monuments and beautiful architecture all over the city.

When we decided Hampi as our next travel destination we thought why not cover Badami, Aihole, and Patadakalu along, so we planned a weekend trip to cover these places. After seeing these monuments I stood there mesmerized and started wondering how beautiful this place would have been when it was ruled by Krishnadevaraya where they used to sell gems and gold on the streets.

Hampi was on our second day after visiting Badami and Aihole. We reached Hampi in the morning, visited all the places and took a train back to Bangalore from Hospete.

I plan all my trips on a low-budget, so to make sure I don’t end up spending much most of my travels would be via train which is highly affordable.

How to reach

If you’re planning to take a bus there is only one direct bus(KSRTC) to Hampi from Bangalore which leaves around 11 pm and reaches Hampi around 6.30am, which would be perfect if your planning a one day trip.

Another option is to take an overnight bus/train to Hospet from Bangalore. From Hospet take a local public bus which will charge you around 15rs, the frequency of the bus is every 10-15 mins so don’t worry about missing a bus. There is rickshaw too which will take you from Hospet to Hampi at a cost of around 200-300rs.

If you’re someone who likes to drive you can drive to Hampi from Bangalore which is around 350kms away.

Where to Stay

We didn’t stay in Hampi we traveled back to Bangalore from Hospete by train, an overnight journey. I would suggest planning a stay in Hampi so that you can experience a beautiful sunset and sunrise, also Hampi island is quite famous to stay.

There are a lot of homestays available in both Hampi Bazaar area and in Hampi island. Hampi Island also called Hippie island, here you will find guest houses in between paddy fields with open-air dining areas, good background music, and good food. Please make sure to book your stay in advance.

In order to reach Hampi island you have to cross the river, you have to take a normal boat(theppa). The last boat is at 5.30pm so plan accordingly.


Places to visit in Hampi

Hampi has a lot of things to offer you. The whole city is covered with historical monuments and temples.

Relax take time and make sure to cover all the places. All the places are nearby if you’re a group of friends or a solo traveler you can cover all the places by walk. There is also a cycle which can be rented at the rate of 150 per day. There is a map available at Hampi bazaar buy the map and start exploring yourself.

You can come across few rickshaw wallahs stating that each place is few kilometers away and you will not be able to cover by walk and they will charge around 400/person, don’t fall for them. Most of the places in Hampi Bazaar area will close by 5.30pm.









Places to visit are distributed into 2 sets making it easier to cover them, The main noted monuments are in Hampi Bazaar area, and the other one is Hippi island for which you need to cross the river. You can easily skip hippie island if you don’t have much of a time, if you’re still planning to visit there is an Anjaneya temple on top of a hill for which you have to climb up to 650 steps, and there are few other places on the way to Anegondi like Ranganatha temple, Durga temple, 60 pillar matapa etc. If your planning to visit hippie island the boat to cross the river is available only until 5.30pm so plan accordingly.

Tour Guide Yes/Nah

It’s good to have a guide in places like Hampi, it’s no point in just looking at the monuments, clicking pics and at the end wondering what the secret history around it.

 Where to eat

There are quite a few restaurants around the Hampi Bazaar area, most of them are veg restaurants, The Bamboo restaurant is really good, it’s in Hampi Bazaar area near to Virupakasha temple, Gopi’s restaurant is another must try restaurant.











  1. Nameless maskman says:

    Short, crisp and informative.. Looking forward for your other travel blogs

    1. Divya says:

      @Nameless maskman
      Thank you 🙂 am glad it helped.

  2. SO COOL! My partner and I have wanted to visit ruins of some description for so long! They’re just so intriguing to me. Hampi looks amazing! 😮 Adding it to my never ending travel bucket list for sure. x

    1. Divya says:

      Thank you 🙂

  3. Melissa says:

    This is beautiful! I definitely want to come here someday. What was your favorite part of seeing Hampi?

    1. Divya says:

      Thanks Melissa, the whole village is a UNESCO world heritage site that makes it even more special to visit. For me, the exciting part was visiting the stone chariot :).

  4. adriana says:

    These pictures are mind blowing! It’s always so cool to see something like this in person – need to add it to my bucket list!

    1. Divya says:

      Thank you 🙂

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